JLARC Review of Virginia Workers’ Compensation System

What is the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission (JLARC)?
JLARC is a non-partisan research and oversight agency that conducts independent research on behalf of the Virginia General Assembly. More information about JLARC is available at jlarc.virginia.gov.

Why is JLARC doing this survey?
In December 2018, Virginia state legislators asked JLARC staff to review Virginia’s workers’ compensation system and to identify any opportunities to improve the system.

JLARC staff are interested in getting feedback from firefighters who have been injured on the job or diagnosed with a work-related disease within the past five years to understand their experiences seeking workers' compensation benefits, as well as the perspectives of health and safety officers at Virginia fire departments. 

Please complete the survey based solely on your experience, as completely and candidly as possible.

How long will the survey take me to complete?
It should take between 5 and 10 minutes to complete the survey, depending on your responses.

When is my survey response due?
Please complete the survey no later than Friday, September 6th.

Will my responses be kept confidential?
Your responses will be strictly confidential. In JLARC’s final report, survey results will be summarized so that individual responses cannot be identified.

Who will have access to my responses?
Only those JLARC staff conducting the research for this study will have access to individual responses.

Please keep the following in mind when completing the survey:
  • Please select the answer that best describes your experience or opinion. There are no right or wrong answers.
  • Do not leave the survey idle on your computer screen for more than 30 minutes or it may time out, causing you to lose your responses.
  • You will have an opportunity at the end of the survey to provide any additional thoughts or comments you have related to your experiences with the Virginia workers' compensation system.
  • Please report any technical difficulties or questions to WorkersCompSurvey@jlarc.virginia.gov.

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